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Statistical Returns submitted to the Economic Research and Statistics Department by Commercial Banks, Islamic Banks and Islamic windows

In terms of instructions contained in the various circulars of the Central Bank of Oman, the commercial banks/Islamic Banks and Windows are sending statistical returns to the Economic Research and Statistics Department with daily, monthly, quarterly and annual frequency. For easy reference, the Reporting formats together with relevant explanatory notes, wherever applicable, are laid out below. 

 A. Daily Returns

Form RD8 Interest Rates on Domestic inter-bank lending and borrowing in Rial Omani.
 B. Monthly Returns  
Form RD1 through RD3  Explanatory Notes
Form RD1 Assets
Form RD2 Liabilities
Form RD3 Statement of Off Balance Sheet Items

Form RD9 through 12

Form RD9 Monthly statement of Interest Rates on Total Deposits
Form RDI0 Monthly statement of Private Sector Time deposits by rate of interest and maturity
Form RD 11 Monthly statement of Interest rates on Total Credit.
Form RD12 Monthly statement of Private Sector Credit by rate of interest and maturit

C. Quarterly Returns

Form 7 A and 7B

Form 7 A Deposits held with commercial banks by Government, wholly owned Government entities and quasi-Government entities.
Form 7B Credit granted to Government and Government entities / quasi Government entities.
Form RD15

Lending by Economic Sector

D. Annual Returns  

Annual statement of earnings and expenses of commercial banks 

Revised Policy 

The combined balance sheet of Commercial Banks for the year end (December Data) will undergo revisions based on the audited statements and will be revised in the month of April of the following year

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