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In accordance to Article 2, Chapter II of the National Payment Systems Law (NPSL), which aims at the establishment and provision of the payment systems in a secure, effective and efficient manner, it is imperative that  a set of rules known as operating rules for each payment system for the smooth conduct of operations by all the stakeholders is established. Compliance to the operating rules by the stakeholders contributes to the soundness of the structure of the payment systems against any potential risks, thus maintaining the financial stability of the Sultanate.

 The following operating rules based on the payment system are set out for compliance by the stakeholders:

​1 - ​Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
​2 - Automated Clearing House (ACH)
​3 - Electronic Cheque Clearing (ECC)
​4 - ​OmanNet Switch Rule Books
​    a. Book 1 - General Rules
    ​b. Book 2 - Security Framework
​    c. Book 3 - Settlement & Reconciliation
    ​d. Book 4 - Terminal & Card Specifications
    ​e. Book 5 - Testing & Certification Plan
     ​f. Book 6 - Dispute management Rules
​5 - Mobile Clearing System (MpClear)
​6 - Dispute Management System (DMS)

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