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Commemorative, Banknotes and Coins

Yes CBO sells commemorative coins and Uncut banknotes sheets.

An interested buyer is required to visit CBO Head office to buy the coins or the commemorative or Uncut bank notes sheets. You can visit our online currency gallery for an insight on the technical specifications of currency notes and coins.

The technical specifications of notes and coins are very clearly mentioned on our website. You can visit the Currency Gallery and cross-check your currency note against the technical specifications provided therein.

The currency gallery on this website will give you a brief historical perspective of the evolution of different currencies in Oman.

Yes. CBO currency museum is open for public between 9 am and 2 pm Sunday to Thursday. A nominal fee of 250 baisa is payable.

Yes CBO sells the Uncut banknotes sheets.

No. You can straight away walk-in to the Customer Service Unit of CBO and from there you can request for a visit to the Currency Museum. CBO officials present at the Customer Service Unit will guide you with the further procedure.

You can check the currency gallery on the website to know the availability of the commemorative coins and Uncut banknotes Sheets.

No CBO doesn’t have any mechanism to sell the commemorative coins or the Uncut banknotes Sheets online at the moment. You have to personally visit the CBO Head Office in Ruwi to purchase the same.

You can exchange Omani currency notes in any of the money exchanges in your home country.

Interested to buy commemorative coins, banknotes, a Banking Law book, and/or many other things that are on sale by CBO? Please follow the ‘Available for Purchase’ link to know what is up for sale.