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​Oman Credit and Financial Information Centre was established by Royal Decree 38/2019 issued on 8th May 2019 as an independent organization with financial and administrative independence under the supervision of the Central Bank of Oman.


Oman Credit and Financial Information Center

Mala'a is Oman's National databank for credit and financial information, serving as the official credit bureau for the Sultanate. It was launched in 2019, stemming from the vision of the Central Bank of Oman (CBO) to establish an independent National Databank dedicated to providing comprehensive credit bureau solutions and financial information services. 

Oman's National Databank

Mala'a is Oman's National Databank, offering a range of services and solutions for financial and credit institutions, and playing a pivotal role in supporting regulatory functions, supporting FinTech's, data registries, corporates, and government entities.

The core objectives focus on fostering financial inclusion and ensuring access to credit for all segments of society. It also aspires to elevate the financial well-being of the Sultanate and promote responsible lending practices, thus effectively mitigating credit risks in Oman. Mala'a stands as a critical enabler in realizing the ambitious goals outlined in Oman Vision 2040, particularly the Economic Diversification and Financial Sustainability. 

Products and services

Mala'a offers a range of products tailored for both individuals and corporates, with the Credit Report and Credit Score standing as the flagship offerings. The Credit Report is a comprehensive document that encapsulates financial and credit information. It includes not only demographic and firmographic data but also provides a detailed account of both positive and negative credit history, guarantees, and records of bounced checks, among other pertinent details.

The Credit Score is a behavioral assessment that offers valuable insights on the likelihood of default and gauges the capacity of individuals or corporates to meet their financial commitments, helping to inform prudent financial decision-making.

In addition to the core products, Mala'a is working on delivering solutions to support the credit industry, like Monitoring and Alert system, eKYC, Analytical Reports and Instant Decision Module to name a few. 

Learn more about Mala'a by visiting its website: 

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