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البنــك المركــــزي العمـــاني Central Bank of Oman
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Quarterly Statistical Bulletin June 2020 8:00:00 PMQuarterly Statistical Bulletin June 2020<p style="text-align:justify;">Oman's nominal GDP declined by 3.9 percent during the first quarter of 2020 compared to the same three-month period of last year, according to preliminary data released by National Center for Statistics and Information (NCSI). The nominal contraction in the economy was driven by a 6.2 percent decline in the non-hydrocarbon sector, mainly because of a drop in nominal GDP emanating from the non-petroleum industrial activities and services sector decreasing by 11.5 and 5.2 percent, respectively . On the other hand, the hydrocarbon sector inched up marginally by 0.7 percent during the first quarter of 2020. </p>QuarterlyBulletins